Mejekawi, meaning "sacred table" in Sanskrit, is a sleek eatery lauded by lovers and gastronomes.

Our produce is procured from the island’s local farms and expert artisans, and from farfiung corners of the globe for some rare and unique ingredients.

The carefully crafted luxe menus are an exploration of Executive Chef Jeremy Hunt’s impeccably-sourced ingredients, showcased through contemporary twists on global classics.

With inventive cocktails and an ever-evolving wine selection, Mejekawi promises a divine dining experience set against a backdrop of the indian ocean.

Luxe Menu

part I


ginger poached crawfish

hot and sour watermelon broth, pickled watermelon rind

nv jean pierre brut au


sop buntut

oxtail soup, katsuobushi, tomato raisin, charred onion

gekkeikan traditional sake jp


prawn agnolotti

brodo di pollo, crispy sesame chicken skin

nv jean pierre brut au

part II


house cured tuna pastrami

buckwheat vetkoek, sesame, cultured butter, lava salt

19 kaiken terroir series, torontes ar


carotene gnocchi (V)

grilled asparagus, shimeji mushrooms, onion soubise

18 baby doll pinot gris, mariborough nz


chicken tskune

tare, szechuan pickle, dashi sabayon

san miguel


farm and garden salad (V)

frozen goat milk, garden edibles, goat milk foam,
caramelized goat milk skin, beetroot dust

17 marchesi de frescobaldi remole bianco, tuscana it


veal tartar

figs, hazelnuts, glass potato, anchovy butter, star anise

18 matua pinot noir rosé, marlborough nz

part III


asian seabass in aligiri korma

curd rice, mango pickle, hara korma gravy

18 ‘ohau graves’ pinot gris cz


succulent pork tamales

goose berry relish, crispy popcorn tortilla, chipotle chili pegar

17 marchesi de frescobaldi ‘remole’ tosca a IGT


5 spice silken tofu (V)

cardamom passata, steamed eggplant,
soy caramel, chili candy crumble

17 ventisquero pinot noir reserva ch


reverse seared duck breast

salt baked beetroot, smoked potato croquette, bitter chocolate,
duck skin crumble, ginger mustard sauternes jus

18 ‘harvest diary’ reserve shiraz – cabernet au


wagyu dry aged MB 8+ tenderloin

jicama fondant gratin, smoked garlic, steamed clams, sea grapes

17 dominio del plata crios de susana balbo malbec mendoza ar

part IV


sauvignon blanc braised nutmeg fruit

saffron, dark chocolate aero, meyer lemon sorbet, popcorn praline



silky passion fruit crèmeux

peanut sponge, fresh mango sorbet, coco wafers

07 bellissimo frizzante moscato id


tape gelato cannelloni

cassava tape, black rice pound cake, sesame oil



part V


balinese macaron

cocoa nibs, coffee ganache

Jalan Kayu Aya No.9, Seminyak,
Bali, Indonesia 80361

Opening hours:

+62 361 73 69 69