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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 08:09

A Guide to Bali’s Chocolate Spots

Did you know Indonesia is one of the world’s top cacao producers and we have a great selection of boutique chocolate factories in close proximity to bean plantations.

Pod Chocolate
This boutique chocolate factory is located just minutes from the farms that produce organic, sustainable cocoa beans, and there is a cafe on site where you can sample their rich artisan chocolate bars, Bali sea salted caramel and gourmet ice cream. They also do tours that take you from the cocoa trees to the factory with plenty of tasting in between, as well as the chance to make your own chocolate elephants to take home.

Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory
This is the largest chocolate factory in Bali, Big Tree Farms started out in 2003 and work with over 14,000 Indonesian farmers – including 400 cacao producers – to create a huge variety of organic products, including mouth-watering chocolate. Def visit their farm, not far from Ubud and they offer farm tours too.

Primo chocolate factory
Primo Chocolate is a small producer of high quality, single origin chocolate that prides itself in its ability to oversee every aspect of production from the sourcing of the cocoa beans to the final product, ensuring the highest quality is received by our clients.
We work closely with farmers and develop relationships where trust is a key factor. They have a little shop front in Umalas (about 10 minutes from Seminyak) so definitely pop past and sample the chocolate!

Monty Koludrovic

Monty Koludrovic
Iceberg, Sydney
09th March 2017

09th March 2017
Iceberg, Sydney

We brought a taste of Bondi Beach to Bali when Monty Koludrovic of the legendary Icebergs in Sydney joined us for our first Culinary Collective Lunch. Guests enjoyed a selection of Monty’s signature dishes whilst sipping delicious wines overlooking the sundrenched beach below.



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