The Concept

Mejekawi by KU DE TA is a tasting kitchen and laboratory concept by the culinary team behind KU DE TA. Occupying a new wing on the second floor, Mejekawi offers 5 and 12-course tasting menus that highlights KU DE TA's continuing focus on showcasing the most exquisite local pro-duce from Bali. The menus have wine pairing options, carefully curated by Juri Menicucci KU DE TA's General Manager who was responsible for the wine list that won the restaurant an award of excellence from Wine Spectator. Classic cocktails with a contemporary twist are created by Bruce Bartholomew, KU DE TA's Food & Beverage Manager.
Mejekawi is loosely translated to mean 'sacred table' - the word kawi is derived from ancient sanskrit and is widely used by the Balinese to represent the sacred and spiritual, while meje means table in Balinese." the restaurant is a soulful expression of food and a marriage of amazing local produce, enlightened skills and state-of-the art equipment, Mejekawi showcases the innovation and talent of the team behind KU DE TA Bali in a more intimate and personalized setting. Mejekawi's sleek, modern space features a central open kitchen and glass walls surrounding the space that give way to a bird's eye view of seminyak beach and the indian ocean. A trip to Bali is not complete without a visit to this internationally acclaimed restaurant.

The Lab

The laboratory, envisioned by Chef Will Goldfarb, is furnished with high-tech toys ranging from immersion circulators and rotary evaporators to homogenizers. The kitchen and laboratory are outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment from Sub-Zero & Wolf making Mejekawi one of the best-equipped and most progressive restaurants in the region.
Bruce Bartholomew's cocktails are concocted in the laboratory with modern poly-science equipment including an Ultra Sonic Homogenizer and Rotary Evaporator. The laboratory is also where you'll find cooking classes and guest chef events as our chefs pair with the greatest culinary minds from across the globe.